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Advocacy Camp 2012

Thanks to a Nutrition First scholarship, I had the privilege of attending the Children’s Alliance “Advocacy Camp” October 17-19.

I learned valuable information on how to be an advocate for children. We studied how Washington State Government works, creating key messages, how to work with legislators, tips for working with the media, building a movement through mobilization,strategic thinking, goal setting, and why race equity and advocacy for kids is so important. The skills I learned will be useful in my current work at WIC, on the Nutrition First Board, with the Skagit County 1095 Children’s anti-hunger team, and in my own personal life. I would encourage all of you to visit the Children’s Alliance website and become a member! ( I look forward to putting my advocacy skills to work by attending Have a Heart for Kids Day in Olympia on Tuesday January 30, and hope that many of you will be able to attend as well.

Carolyn Conner