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The American Heart Association is offering a unique learning opportunity for local WIC agencies serving the greater Puget Sound region. By submitting the Speaker Request form, the American Heart Association will coordinate to have a “Life Check Champion” speaker to come to your office and deliver a presentation on the “Life’s Simple 7” platform for improving heart health. Our “Life Check Champion” will utilize about 45 minutes to present the seven simple steps which have been identified by the American Heart Association as key components to living a healthier life with a healthier heart.

The American Heart Association is reaching out to local WIC agencies because WIC employees have the unique opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of women and children through the nutrition services which are provided in our community. Cardiovascular Diseases are the #1 cause of death of Americans and more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. We believe that delivering this presentation to those who work directly with women is essential to spreading the word about heart disease prevention. Let’s help the American Heart Association succeed in their mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and sign up today for your “Life’s Simple 7” presentation.

The Speaker Request form can be accessed at: