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WIC Staff COVID-19 Resources

Communication from the State WIC Office and Resources from Nutrition First


General COVID 19 Resources (Scroll to bottom of this page)


Webinar Slides 5-18-20

Webinar Notes 5-18-20

Equipment Purchase and Funding Request

Nutrition First RD Services Discussion Notes 5-12-20

Webinar Slides 5-11-20

Webinar Notes 5-11-20

Webinar Q and A 5-11-20 Update

Managing No Activity Report 5-11-20

Managing No Activity Report 5-7-20

Training Opportunities Updated May 2020

Staff Ideas May 2020

Webinar Slides 5-7-20

Webinar Notes 5-7-20

Nutrition First Breastfeeding Support Remote Services Discussion notes 5-5-20

Webinar Notes 5-4-20

Webinar Slides 5-4-20

Q and A Updates - 5-4-20

Federal Waiver Status 5-1-20

Memo 2020-46 Infant Formula Updates

Webinar Slides April 30

Webinar Notes April 30

Webinar Q and A - April 24 Update

Webinar Notes April 23

Training Survey Due 4-24

Remote Service Q and A update 4-17

Webinar Slides 4-20

Webinar Notes 4-20

Webinar Slides 4-16

Webinar Notes 4-16

BF Q & A Final April 2020

Updated Approved Food List 4.14

Q and A Update 4-10

Webinar Notes 4-13

No Activity Report Reduced Size Draft

Webinar Slides 4-9

Webinar Notes 4-9

Remote Services Q and A as of April 4

Webinar Notes 4-6

Federal Waiver Status Update Memo 2020-32 (4/7/20)

Call WIC Signs - English and Spanish Templates

Webinar Slides 4-2

Webinar notes 4-2

Webinar notes 3-30

WA WIC Remote Services webpage

WIC Essential Service Letter. Memo 2020-29

Remote Appointment Flow Chart

Call WIC Signs

Dr. Letter - MDF

Equipment Purchase and Funding Request

Cascades Requirements

LA process for requesting remote access - Memo 2020-27

WIC Email Addresses

Inventory Challenges - Letter to Grocers

3-26 Webinar Slides

3-26 Webinar Notes

3-24 Webinar Notes

3-20 Webinar Notes

Remote Services - Quick Links

Policy Drafts on Providing Remote Services

Draft Policy - Remote Transfers

COVID 19 Breastfeeding Q and A

WIC is Open

Sign Templates – English

WIC is Open

Sign Templates – Spanish

Memo 2020-19

COVID 19 Update 3/17/20

Memo 2020-18

Cascades Support Changes