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WIC Staff COVID-19 Resources

Communication from the State WIC Office and Resources from Nutrition First


General COVID 19 Resources (Scroll to bottom of this page)


July 23 WIC Update Webinar Update Notes

July 23 WIC Update Webinar Update Slides

WIC Resources

WIC Waiver News Release - Spanish

WIC Waiver News Release - English

July 16 WIC Update Webinar Notes

July 16 WIC Update Webinar Slides

World Breastfeeding Week Discussion Call Notes July 14, 2020

WIC Participant Remote Services Survey - WIC staff preview

COVID Immz Parent Flyer Spanish

COVID Immz Parent Flyer English

Pandemic EBT (PEBT) Flyer Spanish

Pandemic EBT (PEBT) Flyer English

SOD Review - Waiver Version

June 29 Webinar Notes

June 29 Webinar Slides

June 18 Webinar Slides

June 18 Webinar Notes

FMNP Nutrition First Discussion Call - June 16 Notes

NWA - WIC Covid-19 Messaging Toolkit

Navigating the NWA Website

June 16 Nutrition First FMNP Discussion at 12:00 - Zoom Link

June 11 Webinar Slides

June 11 Webinar Notes

2020 Training Opportunities for WIC Staff

KCR-GTM Schedule Template

Steps to take Screenshots in Cascades

June 5 Webinar Slides

June 5 Webinar Notes

John Weisman News Release Spanish

John Weisman News Release English

Webinar Notes June 1

Webinar Slides June 1

Webinar Notes May 28

Webinar Slides May 28

Nutrition First May 26 Discussion Call on Nutrition Education Notes

Webinar Slides 5-18-20

Webinar Notes 5-18-20

Equipment Purchase and Funding Request

Nutrition First RD Services Discussion Notes 5-12-20

Webinar Slides 5-11-20

Webinar Notes 5-11-20

Webinar Q and A 5-11-20 Update

Managing No Activity Report 5-11-20

Managing No Activity Report 5-7-20

Training Opportunities Updated May 2020

Staff Ideas May 2020

Webinar Slides 5-7-20

Webinar Notes 5-7-20

Nutrition First Breastfeeding Support Remote Services Discussion notes 5-5-20

Webinar Notes 5-4-20

Webinar Slides 5-4-20

Q and A Updates - 5-4-20

Federal Waiver Status 5-1-20

Memo 2020-46 Infant Formula Updates

Webinar Slides April 30

Webinar Notes April 30

Webinar Q and A - April 24 Update

Webinar Notes April 23

Training Survey Due 4-24

Remote Service Q and A update 4-17

Webinar Slides 4-20

Webinar Notes 4-20

Webinar Slides 4-16

Webinar Notes 4-16

BF Q & A Final April 2020

Updated Approved Food List 4.14

Q and A Update 4-10

Webinar Notes 4-13

No Activity Report Reduced Size Draft

Webinar Slides 4-9

Webinar Notes 4-9

Remote Services Q and A as of April 4

Webinar Notes 4-6

Federal Waiver Status Update Memo 2020-32 (4/7/20)

Call WIC Signs - English and Spanish Templates

Webinar Slides 4-2

Webinar notes 4-2

Webinar notes 3-30

WA WIC Remote Services webpage

WIC Essential Service Letter. Memo 2020-29

Remote Appointment Flow Chart

Call WIC Signs

Dr. Letter - MDF

Equipment Purchase and Funding Request

Cascades Requirements

LA process for requesting remote access - Memo 2020-27

WIC Email Addresses

Inventory Challenges - Letter to Grocers

3-26 Webinar Slides

3-26 Webinar Notes

3-24 Webinar Notes

3-20 Webinar Notes

Remote Services - Quick Links

Policy Drafts on Providing Remote Services

Draft Policy - Remote Transfers

COVID 19 Breastfeeding Q and A

WIC is Open

Sign Templates – English

WIC is Open

Sign Templates – Spanish

Memo 2020-19

COVID 19 Update 3/17/20

Memo 2020-18

Cascades Support Changes