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  • One million people in Washington use SNAP (food stamps) to feed their families.
  • Two out of every 3 households receiving SNAP includes a child.

The House version of the Farm Bill that passed includes the Senate’s harmful limitation on state “heat and eat” options that would mean SNAP benefits would be cut $90 per month, on average, for 234,000 Washington households. And the House version adds two more changes that impact low income families.

First, the House Farm Bill eliminates the flexibility to qualify people, including the recently unemployed, for benefits. It also will throw more than 80,000 Washington families off SNAP altogether.

Second, the House Farm Bill eliminates bonuses awarded to states for efficiency and growth. These bonuses prompted DSHS to decrease the number of administrative errors in food stamps administration by 59%, while increasing the participation rate by 62% (2002-09).

A nonpartisan analysis of SNAP participation and spending concluded that hard times have caused more people to need food stamps – but participation will decline after 2013 as the economy improves.  That means SNAP is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do – feeding families – and it’s doing it better than ever, thanks to state-level program efficiencies like telephone interviews, online program access and partnerships with community-based organizations to reach seniors and families in need. See the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) breakdown on the Farm Bill.

Anti-hunger advocates have a great opportunity from August 3 – September 9 to tell our Members of Congress personally that we oppose the current proposals to cut food stamps in Washington – and we need your help?

The Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition is asking constituents in three specific districts to help spread the word about devastating changes to food stamps (SNAP) proposed in the Farm Bill by the House Agriculture Committee. We are asking organizations in the districts of: Rep. Dave Reichert, Rep. Adam Smith and Rep. Jaime Herrara-Beutler to do two things:

  1. Encourage clients to fill out this Card to Reps for House Farm Bill action telling their Congress member why food stamps are so important and to vote NO on a Farm Bill that cuts SNAP. Mail or drop these off to their offices.
  2. Contact your representative via phone or email during this time period and ask them to:  Vote NO on a Farm Bill that cuts SNAP!

Many thanks from,

Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition

Children’s Alliance

Faith Action Network

Food Lifeline

Northwest Harvest

Nutrition First

Washington Food Coalition