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A Farm Bill Update from our Friends at the Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition

At this time, Congress does not have plans to vote on a conference report for the Farm Bill until early January. The lead negotiators on the Farm Bill hope that the conference report, once passed by the Conference Committee, will move swiftly through votes in the House and the Senate in order to pass a new five-year Farm Bill before the end of January.

Take Action!

With no Farm Bill re-authorization before the end of the year, this means that we have time to continue to tell our Congressional delegation that we need a Farm Bill that fights hunger — one that protects SNAP! Here are three actions you can do before the end of the year to help protect SNAP:

1. Send a holiday card to our Senators and your member of Congress, letting them know #whogoeshungry when SNAP benefits are cut.

2. Continue to find and share the stories about how real cuts to SNAP hurt real people:

Tweet the link to our SNAP Client Stories page to your networks with the hashtags #protectSNAP and #FarmBill.
You can also add stories to our client stories page. Use this Collecting WIC Client Stories template to ask the kinds of questions that help frame a particularly impactful story. Send your stories to us for posting.

3. Read this blog post from our friends at the Children’s Alliance, then click the link at the end of the post to send an email to Congress telling them no more cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill.