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Governor Inslee released his Working Washington 2013-15 budget priorities which call for $1.2 billion in new targeted education investments tied to strong accountability measures.

To begin to address the $2.3 billion deficit our state faces he would end tax exemptions for special interests that are fighting not to have to pay their fair share. He also would extend the revenue package that was passed in 2010. In total, Gov. Inslee’s plan would raise $1.2 billion in revenue
to fund basic improvements in education. In addition to providing more support for basic school operations, Inslee’s plan includes funding for full-day kindergarten expansion and reducing kindergarten and first grade class sizes, early reading intervention, dropout prevention programs and more professional development opportunities for educators. Outside of the definition of basic education, Inslee also proposes adding $35 million to expand preschool opportunities.

We urge all Nutrition First members to reach out to their legislators this week and urge them to put families and children first – send a message to support a new direction for Washington!