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Conference Recap

Dayle Hayes

Speaker Dayle Hayes on how to message to parents

Nutrition First hosted a full day childhood obesity prevention conference in the Seattle area for WIC, early learning childcare providers, and Health Care Practicioners on April 3, 2013. It was an amazing and informative day with over 235 people in attendance. The sessions provided practical tools and resources for those working with children from birth to age 5 to help curb obesity rates.

It felt good to focus on our 2nd program goal and objective: “Reduce and prevent obesity in Washington State” by putting on this conference. We learned practical tips for talking with our families and focusing on the entire family about how to maintain healthy weights through diet, exercise, policy, advocacy and breastfeeding. “Fit Kids = Happy Kids!” Dr. Margo Wootan was our keynote speaker from Center for Science in the Public Interest.

We were able to achieve this through the generosity of our sponsors to bring in excellent speakers and provide scholarship funds for attendees: THANK YOU to WA State Dairy Council, Not Yet Foundation, WA Dental Service Foundation, Foundation for Early Learning, and WA Association for the Education of Young Children!!

Hats off to Kristen Rezabek, our Executive Director and our NF Nutrition Training Committee – Carolyn Connor, Erica Lamson, Meg Griswold, Kari Fisher and Rachel Parsons for their leadership and time in making this possible.

Conference Presentations/Handouts:


Dr. Margo Wootan and Past President Martha Alonzo

Margo Wootan Addressing Childhood Obesity
Dayle Hayes presentation; Research for Real Life, Active Lifestyles, Family Fitness, Fit Kids 6 Simple Steps, Healthful Eating

COPC policy platform

Danette Glassy Childcare Regulations

Lenna Liu Preventing Obesity in Early Childhood, CHILD Obesity Prevention Team Fit
Cynthia Lair Raising Healthy Eaters

Donna Johnson Screen Time, Elizabeth Payne HEAL ChildCare, Food for Thought

Healthy Corner Stores, HCS-Toolkit Booklet, Seasonality Charts-Fruit, Seasonality Charts-Vegetable, Community Based Healthy Eating Active Living