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Many parents face the challenge of a child that they classify as a “picky eater.”

In April, Dr. Jane Heinig, from the UC Davis Human Lactation Center, presented “Helping Parents Understand Their Toddlers: Practical Ways to Promote Healthy Eating Among Infants and Toddlers.”  Almost 300 people attended one of these trainings offered in Spokane, Edmonds and Fife.

Comments from attendees: 

“Fabulous! She is such a dynamic speaker with excellent hints and practical techniques to use with clients.”   [Practical information. That’s what I like from a conference/training.]

“’Scripts’ was a new word, …

“…but so true that children have their preplanned ides [scripts] and how important for parents to pay attention to these scripts. Routines are very important since the brain is pattern seeking.”

“Amazing to learn toddler scripts and the power of their memories!

“I would like to implement Mother/Toddler play groups providing this information.”

The training included a review of baby behavior; and then focused on the 6Big Changes of Toddlerhood. 

The handouts were fantastic – you can download below.  Washington State WIC is exploring making them available through the Fulfillment Center to use in WIC clinics.

6 Big Changes Handout (1)

Parent handouts (1)