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Anti-Hunger Corp/AmeriCorp VISTA Position

Hunger Free America (HFA), in conjunction with some of the nation’s most effective anti-hunger and poverty organizations, is in its second year of the Anti-Hunger Corps (AHC), an 88 member, nationwide AmeriCorps VISTA program. This program engages VISTA members and partnering organizations in moving families beyond the soup kitchen by breaking down barriers and providing improved access to healthful, nutritious foods. The AHC VISTA program aims to address hunger, poverty, and build the capacity of the agencies that address these issues. Members will assist unemployed and under-employed people obtain job training, job placement, and financial literacy services; improve access to food from government and nonprofit sources for targeted populations in particular and food insecure people in general; enable residents of food deserts to access healthier foods through farmers markets and community gardens; more low-income children to obtain free school breakfasts and summer meals; effective nonprofit groups fighting hunger and poverty to raise more money and recruit and manage more volunteers, particularly high-impact and skilled volunteers.

Position Description with Nutrition First:  Build partnerships with organizations throughout the state who serve a population similar to the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program. Emphasis given to building partnerships with those who serve diverse populations, and non-traditional partnerships such as businesses and civic organizations. Work with designated local WIC agency in a high need area to create an outreach model to increase WIC participation. Identify potential sources of funding for Nutrition First. To increase the reach and scope of the work Nutrition First does, additional funding streams are necessary. Develop a plan to disseminate the results of the Nutrition First WIC Participant and WIC Staff Surveys to WIC Staff both in Washington State, and throughout the United States.

This position will work remotely during the pandemic.

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