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In this Lame Duck Session the President and Congressional leaders have signaled that they intend to find informed spending cuts and revenue to avoid sequestration, the across the board cuts that automatically take effect in January. It’s up to us to motivate them to follow through with their intentions and protect WIC.

Let your Senators and Representatives know about the nutrition and breastfeeding successes of the WIC program and how it serves millions of families and is a deficit reduction program saving up to $4.21 in Medicaid costs for every dollar spent by reducing the risk of preterm births. Congress needs to hear from you why WIC is so important to the communities that they represent and the real human consequences of cutting funding from the program.

Call or email with the following message to your Senators and Representative in Congress (Click here to find your Legislators):

WIC helps my community by ____________ (e.g. serving X number of at-risk mothers and young children, helping them access healthy nutrition information, nutritious foods, etc.) Cutting funding from WIC would mean____________ for my community.

Click here for information on your county in WA State.