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Join the Lame Duck Session Call-in Day to Congress this Wednesday, November 28.

Congress reconvenes on November 26 for the Lame Duck session. Budget negotiations will begin in earnest and it is expected that the Farm Bill will be included in any “grand bargain.” We must get Members to support SNAP by weighing in with House and Senate leadership and the White House insisting that any grand bargain not increase hunger and poverty in this country.

Together with other anti-poverty advocates across the nation we are asking you to speak to your Senators and House Members by calling 1-888-743-1097 and conveying this message:

 I am calling [Congressman’s Name] to urge him/her to protect and strengthen SNAP (food stamps) and reject SNAP program cuts contained in the Senate Farm Bill and the House Agriculture Committee-passed bill.

When calling your Representatives, also ask him/her to co-sponsor House Resolution 760 opposing SNAP cuts. (If your Representative is Jim McDermott he has already co-sponsored – so please thank him!)