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National WIC Association Policy Conference

Scholarships are available for WIC Staff or WIC Participants to attend. Nutrition First Scholarship Application 2021  (Deadline January 22). Questions? contact

If you aren’t available to attend the full conference, however would still like to take part is a virtual meeting with your lawmakers, please contact

This conference is an annual forum to highlight emergent and pressing WIC policy issues, promising practices in administer WIC services, and leadership skills to empower and sustain WIC advocacy at the local level. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, WIC is adapting service delivery to modernize the program, embrace technology, integrate health equity, and meet the needs of a new generation of parents. Through the ongoing education and collective advocacy featured at this conference, the National WIC Association and relevant WIC stakeholders can help shape the future of the program and enhance WIC’s impact on public health in the United States.

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