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As Washington state’s WIC advocacy and training association, Nutrition First is enthusiastically supporting USDA’s proposed updates to the WIC food package.   

These proposed changes, including increased fruits and vegetables, seafood for all adult and child categories, and an expanded variety of whole grains, will significantly support Nutrition First’s mission of improving the nutrition of Washington state families. This improved access to good nutrition will positively shape the long-term health of the next generation and help them reach their full potential.   

We believe that access to healthy food is a social responsibility and these changes will begin to address the inequities in access seen across racial and socioeconomic groups. Additionally, changes to substitution patterns for dairy and whole grains, as well as strengthened standards for companies that manufacture WIC-approved products allow participants to choose nutritious foods that are culturally and nutritionally appropriate for their families.   

On behalf of our membership of over 1300 WIC nutrition professionals in Washington state, we urge you to approve all the proposed changes to the WIC food package.  Please move as quickly as possible to finalize this rule and ensure that WIC families have access to updated food packages.