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Election 2016 was historic in many regards. Emotions and opinions are running high right now.  You are doing important work to provide hope, and keep America great and strong.

 Where do we go from here?

We continue doing what we do – showing up to serve – in communities across Washington and the nation – to ensure families have a healthy and vibrant future. Young mothers, children and their families will learn about nutrition, breastfeeding, physical activity and many important issues. They will receive healthy foods and support during the brief years when their children are young. WIC will remain a safety net and refuge, where families will find understanding and acceptance.

WIC For a Healthier, Stronger America! 

We will expect nothing but the best from our leaders, including strategies to reduce poverty and hunger, ensure health equity and outcomes, and promote early education. Young families of all backgrounds and orientations need to feel hope. They are our future!

Nutrition First will continue to advocate for ALL children, for All families.

Warmest Regards,

Nutrition First Board of Directors