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As Washington State’s WIC Association, Nutrition First is deeply concerned about the proposed budget for WIC from the House of Representatives.  We strongly disagree with the assertion made in the House Republican Appropriation Bill that the bump in Cash Value Benefit (CVB) for fruits and vegetables is “wasteful spending.”  However, we have a chance to influence negotiations and change their minds. Your Congressional representative needs to know today how the proposed house appropriation would impact families that rely on WIC. 

The proposed budget denies the need for any increased funding for WIC services to cover increased caseload and food costs and would take away the CVB bump provided in 2021.  You can view the full proposal here. The table below outlines the changes specifically for the CVB.

Category Current CVB for fruits and vegetables Proposed CVB if House Republican budget passes
Children $25 $11
Pregnant & Postpartum $44 $13
Breastfeeding $49 $15

These cuts are literally taking food out of the mouths of WIC participants. It will put the health and food security of families at significant risk and jeopardize their long-term well-being. 

Additionally, we are concerned by an unfunded mandate in this proposal that undermines the science-based recommendations to update the food package by preventing any changes to the amount of milk provided by the WIC program. This is despite the National Academy of Sciences evidence-based recommendation to decrease the amount of dairy milk for more culturally and nutritionally appropriate alternatives for calcium and protein.  This mandate would require WIC to continue to spend food dollars on milk rather than the foods our participants truly need.  You can find this in section 112 of the proposal here

Please join us during your non-work time in urging your member of the House of Representatives to reconsider their funding priorities. You can simply send a quick message via the National WIC Asociation’s Action Alert found here. Alternatively, you can send your specific member a personalized message  here, and you’ll be provided with their contact info.