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chef-150x150Nutrition First is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for WIC certifiers to attend three days of culinary training at the Seattle Culinary Academy. This scholarship, funded by a grant from the Not Yet Foundation, will enable selected participants to learn basic culinary and nutrition skills to enhance their ability to teach food demonstration classes for WIC Clients. The scholarship provides full tuition for the three days of classes at the Seattle Culinary Academy and provides each participant with $10 in food a month for 10 months to teach classes in their community. There are 16 open slots for eligible participants and we encourage you to apply today! Deadline for scholarship applications is March 1 and notification of selected recipients will be on March 15th. Lodging and possible travel expenses may also be covered on a case by case basis so we encourage ALL to apply!

Click on the WIC Chef Application and 3 day WIC-Cooking-Class-Curriculum-Outline for more details.