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Nutrition First hopes that everyone had a fun World Breastfeeding Week and that your activities and events went well!  Those who submitted an activity/event description to Nutrition First were put into a random drawing for a Starbucks Gift Card, and the winner is: Kathy Anderson – Jefferson County WIC!

Here is a list of the activities and events:

Submitted by: Gina Teobaldo, WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator, CHI Franciscan WIC Tacoma

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, we at CHI Franciscan WIC invited all our breastfeeding and pregnant moms to participate in the Pierce County Breastfeeding Alliance Breastfeeding Walk. This walk will be at Chambers Bay in University Place on August 3rd.

Our breastfeeding peer counselors will be wearing their peer counselor t-shirts on that day so that our clients can find them amongst the crowd.  They plan to spend time with the families afterward and take pictures. Later we will display them at our Lakewood and Parkland clinics and post them on our Facebook page.

CHI Franciscan WIC routinely celebrates breastfeeding all year long! Our clients love the special attention they receive from the breastfeeding peer counselors and incentives we give them, such as “I love breastfeeding” bibs and infant t-shirts. It’s so true that breastfeeding provides “A World of Benefits!”


Submitted by Tina Silvernail Cert, L.P.N, IBCLC. Lewis County WIC.

The Lewis County WIC Nutrition Program is Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week! We will be visiting our Community Partner’s on Tuesday. We have a display case at the local library with Breastfeeding information. We are excited to share this information with our community.

Submitted by Corina Saffel, WIC Certifier

We are hosting a breastfeeding awareness 1 mile walk for all of our WIC sites. We will have raffles, some give aways, and vouchers for car seats.

Submitted by Natalie Williams

I’m attending a NY web conf Aug 2. I’m breastfeeding my 8 mo old. I went to WIC. Every time I nurse her around others I help pave the way for other Moms and parents to breastfeed or breastmilk feed their babies.

Submitted by Jill Allum, RD, CD. WIC Coordinator/Nutritionist, Renton Public Health.

Renton Public Health is having a combined WIC Summer Festival & Breastfeeding Celebration for our clients on August 5th from 2-4pm.  We will have our IBCLCs, our Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, and other clinic staff at stations to provide clients an opportunity to meet them, discussed benefits of breastfeeding, and see how the hospital-grade breast pumps are put together and how they work.  We will have our State WIC provided breastfeeding incentives for gifts to our breastfeeding moms as well as some raffle items for gifting.

Submitted by: Barbara Hoppe, Eastgate WIC.

Tables in the lobby with info, small gifts that will be ’womanned”  by a staff to answer questions. Raffles for two beautiful diaper cakes made by our own ‘baker’ Hahn Tran. Raffles for two baskets jammed full with lovely items including a tea pot with tea cups, tea, lotions for mom and baby. Lovely gift card attached to baskets celebrating BF week, hand made blankets and the list keeps growing as staff are inspired. Two large and beautiful bulletin boards with BF referrals, info and wonderful pictures. One in English and one in Spanish. Both created by our wonderful UW intern Francesca.Also, we are covering every square inch of wall space with great BF posters.

Submitted by Charlene Mize, MS,RD, CD, WIC Coordinator Community Health of Central Washington

CHCW- WIC has mailed out invitations to every breastfeeding mom on our caseload, thanking them for their hard work and dedication to breastfeeding. The card also invites moms to our clinic and check out our BF table in our clinic, for breast milk storage bags, nursing pads, infant tee-shirts, etc.

We will also be participating in WBW, by having a booth at the Kittitas County Farmer’s Market in Ellensburg on August 6th.

WIC staff will be wearing our World Breastfeeding Week tee-shirts on Fridays, during the month of August.


Submitted by Tabitha Fogelquist, Spokane Regional Health Department

The SRHD WIC offices will be passing out Breastfeeding goodies to our Breastfeeding moms and our Breastfeeding Peer Counselors will be having a meet and greet with clients, where there will be cake and raffle prizes.


Submitted by: Nicole Berg, RD, CD. Yakima Neighborhood Health Services.

We are decorating our WIC area with pink and blue posters. On one of the posters, it asks “got breast milk?” and on another poster, it shows some of the staff’s children who were breastfed.


Submitted by Aliya Haq, MS, RDN, CD.  International Community Health Services WIC

All breastfeeding families will meet at the local children’s park at both International District and Holly Park. We will parade around the park with signs promoting and commending breastfeeding and breast milk. This will be followed by sharing of breastfeeding stories and refreshments. Moms and babies will receive some gifts (books and t- shirts) as incentives/ rewards. The purpose of doing this in the local park surrounded by businesses is to increase awareness in the business community that breastfeeding is natural and normal and that they need to be more supportive to breastfeeding moms who work in their business/ stores.


Submitted by Kate Wilson, WIC Certifier, Asotin County Health District

The Big Latch On! We are one of the registered, worldwide locations, and this is our 3rd year! Moms share stories, learn infant massage, enjoy snacks, and represent a portion of the total count for BLO worldwide. We’ve also sought support from the community through donations as gifts to moms and babies.

Submitted by Kathy Anderson, Jefferson County WIC

We plan to have our annual Picnic at Chetzamoka Park in Port Townsend from 11-12:30 and it’s bring a lunch.  It’s the Annual World Breastfeeding Celebration Picnic on Wednesday the 3rd.   I’ve invited clinics, breastfeeding clients and the hospital, midwifes and the health department.

Submitted by Maria Berenice Plazas, Nutrition Assistant Certifier, Breastfeeding Coordinator, SeaMar WIC

The South Sound Breastfeeding Network and Community Action Council WIC are sponsoring a showing of the movie “The Milky Way” on Sunday August 7.

2016 Milky Way flyer – Movie